About Us

“Driving excellence with vision and values.”

Our History

PT Papillon Panca Jaya

PT. Papillon Panca Jaya, which was established in 1973 on Astana Anyar Street, Bandung, West Java, moved to Pasir Koja street, Bandung, West Java, in 1976. Along with the growing demand in the business in 1983, PT. Papillon Panca Jaya started to hire 10 staff, and it was located on Sudirman street, Bandung, West Java.
In 1993, the business was then moved to Peta Street, Bandung, West Java.

We produce handmade genuine leather fashion basics (vintage) and every material we use has to pass a standardized quality control to guarantee the quality of our products.

A survey has been conducted and it showed that our products are durable up to more than 10 years and many of our customers are pleased with Papillon’s products. In addition to the high quality selected material, we also prioritize the innovation in patterns and variety to make our products stand out and luxurious.

Customers may visit our stores and official resellers to buy our genuine leather products such as bags, wallets, shoes, and belts.

We have been selling the best genuine leather products for more than 40 years for nothing but our customers’ satisfaction.

Est. 1973

Our Commitment

To become the best and the largest “Fashion Leather” company in Indonesia



  • Environment (to create a comfortable work culture/environment)
  • People (to empower skillful and professional staff)
  • Development (to always expand the target market)

Values Of Papillon

Passion – The endless spirit of hard work

Attitude – Polite and nice

Personality – To become a reliable person

Integrity – To uphold the culture of honesty

Loyal – Always have the sense of belonging

Learning – Always eager to learn

Outstanding – Exceptionally good in everything we do

Number One – Always be the best